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Network Television Voice-over Talent:
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This sample of Network Television voice-over talent can be heard
by clicking on the button. What you will hear is a series of TV "promos," intros, billboards, "teasers" and rejoins. Many of the examples are of Bill Rock's work on the NBC Television Network
which include promos for "NBC Nightly News" and "Meet The Press."

Bill Rock was heard for several years as the voice of "Dateline" on NBC Europe and Asia and the exclusive announcer for Weekend Magazine with Stone Phillips on MSNBC. Other promos, intros and billboards can be heard in this sample. These include promos for ESPN, CNBC, News 12 New Jersey and MSNBC. There are also examples of commercial billboards
aired in prime time on the NBC television network.

listen here Radio Commercials:
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To hear samples of local, regional and national radio commercials click on the button marked Radio Commercials. All of these commercials were produced by Bill Rock Productions. Many were written by Bill Rock Productions. Some were produced directly for clients, while others were produced for advertising agencies.
Some of these clients include Bargain News, Radio Shack, Smith Corona, Daewoo of America, Asbury Park Press, Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, Don Imus, Essex Steam Train, Shoreline Star, and more.

listen here Narration:
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To hear samples of narration click on the button marked Narration. These sound tracks are taken primarily from non-broadcast video presentations. Complete sound tracks were produced by Bill Rock Productions, including music, voice, sound effects and natural
sound. Many of these were written by Bill Rock Productions.

listen here Radio Tid-Bits:
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Since 1965 Bill Rock has been "on the radio." So to present a more complete picture we've included this link. This sample contains
some excerpts from radio in New York City, as well as nationally syndicated programs and features. The first sample is from WYNY
in New York. The Saturday Night Country Club was among the
highest rated programs on Saturday nights in New York throughout the 90's. Other excerpts, in this brief but eclectic gathering of radio memorabilia, include Motor City Beat which ran nationally on Dick Clark's United Stations radio network. Programs featuring Bill Rock can be heard on excerpts from other national networks including Westwood One, SFX, SJS, Winstar, Excelsior and Unistar.

Unfortunately there was insufficient space to include air checks from a number of other radio stations in smaller markets, but included is an air check from the last day of broadcast of WNBC radio in New York. It features a live rendition of the highly noted WNBC top of the hour ID, which is followed by the prerecorded version which ran in the middle 1970's... both voiced by Bill Rock. In addition, there is an air check segment from CBS-FM of Bill Rock sitting in for Cousin Brucie.

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